Welcome is a web site dedicated to the wonderful world of Horse Racing and in particular the colourful racing silks - the Jockey Colours!

Note: All of the pages on this site (except this one) have been created using Scaleable Vector Graphics (SVG) which are part of HTML5.
As a result they can only be viewed with a modern browser such as recent versions of Firefox(Mozilla), Chrome, Safari or Opera.
Internet Explorer 9 will also display these pages but the browsers listed above do it better.

Racecards - These are racecards for recent televised racing on BBC and Channel 4.
Each race is a resizable SVG page which will automatically fill any sized screen, including iPhones and iPads, giving maximum clarity for the jockey colours in the race you are watching.
Unlike some of the other pages, the racecards do display equally well in IE9.

Owners - Owners have been registering colours in the UK since 1762. Search for and view jockey colours, ancient and modern, by owner's name or colour description.

Top Races - In November 2009 Isinglass made a plea to all racing historians or racing anoraks to help him track down the colours warn by the winners of the Classics.
Since then the marvellous Classic Winners - Owner Colours thread on the Racing Forum website has been turning up historic winners of all the top races (no longer just the Classics) around the world.
Here are a couple of samples, hopefully more will follow.
Many thanks to Isinglass, Ile de Bourbon, Ivanjica, Slewman et al.

Samples - Some of the latest designs incorporating logos from Australian Racing created by Rob Meredith of

Tartan - Tartan has been a familiar part of jockey colours in the UK for over 160 years.
The numbers and varieties are diminishing as new Tartan registrations are no longer accepted.
Here are samples of many existing tartans - not just those used in jockey colours.
Thanks to Thomas Insell at for his inspirational Java code and Sett list.

Palette - Almost 300 different colours are used when drawing the Racecards and Owners pages of this site. Here is a list of all the colours used and their RGB definitions.